Close call for animal rights protester after neck chained, pinned to duck slaughter line in Petaluma

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Thursday, June 6, 2019
Protesters arrested after attempting to stop duck farm operations
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Dozens of protesters arrested after attempting to stop duck farm operations.

PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) -- Officials now say approximately 80 protesters attempting to stop operations at a duck farm in Petaluma were arrested on Monday.

Sonoma County Sheriff's Department, with help from several nearby police departments, arrested members of Direct Action Everywhere (DXE), after they trespassed onto Reichardt Duck Farm.

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According to a press release by the Sonoma County District Attorney, two to three hundred protesters were bused to the farm that morning and illegally entered the farm grounds.

A smaller group headed for the processing line where they stopped a conveyor belt, removed the ducks and used bike locks to attach themselves to the conveyer belt.

Unfortunately, the belt was switched back on by someone and it moved as protesters were still attached.

In the handout video provided by animal rights group Condition One, protesters scream for the belt to be stopped.

One man can be seen, his face turning red seemingly struggling to breathe, in distress.

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Before being released from the bike lock the man confirms he is fine and eventually is able to walk away.

The group then left the slaughter line and headed to an entrance where other protesters -- some holding ducks -- had chained themselves together to keep anyone from entering the facility.

Dozens of police in riot gear eventually arrived to place them under arrest without further incident.

The duck farm had been raided by the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department in 2014 while investigating complaints of animal abuse and neglect.