Reports says tilting Millennium Tower in San Francisco can withstand earthquake

Byby Katie Utehs KGO logo
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Reports says titling Millennium Tower in SF can withstand earthquake
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The developers, Millennium partners, released a report Tuesday claiming the tower is seismically safe despite the foundation settling.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Millennium Tower in San Francisco may be leaning slightly, but a report says it is structurally stable and will be able to withstand a large earthquake.

Concern over the integrity of the South of Market residential tower was raised this summer when it was revealed the building's foundation was settling.

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One homeowner says the report actually causes more concerns for him. He points to concerns about a stressed and cracked foundation.

"I think a lot of people are losing sleep over it, and I certainly am one of them," said homeowner Jerry Dodson.

The developers, Millennium Partners, released a report Tuesday claiming the tower is seismically safe despite the foundation settling.

"The building is safe. It's seismically sound, its structural integrity has not been compromised and that's a good thing," said PJ Johnston of Millennium Partners.

The developer blames construction of the Transbay Terminal and the removal of groundwater.

"They have dropped the water table by more than 20 feet at this point," Johnston said.

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"They shouldn't be putting the safety of homeowners in peril while they have the squabble between the two of them over who's responsible," Dodson said. "I think it raises serious concerns because it talks about possible cracking of the foundation and impending failure of it."

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority says tower settling happened before their construction, saying "it is therefore clear that the Tower's extreme weight, combined with its inadequate foundation, is the sole cause of the excessive settlement and tilt."

The tower's foundation does not go into the bedrock. The city is now asking the developer for solutions to stabilize the building.

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