Monterey seeking recycling solution after redemption centers close

Saturday, February 13, 2016

MONTEREY, Calif. -- Residents of Monterey have been left without a place to trade their recyclable materials for cash after a recent closure of recycling redemption centers in the area.

City officials announced Thursday they are actively seeking solutions to deal with the closure of six California Redemption Value centers in north Monterey County.

The centers provide state-mandated CRV refunds to people who recycle plastic, glass, metal and other beverage containers with the words "CA CRV" or "CA CASH REFUND" written on them.

People who bring the containers to a redemption center are paid for the recyclables from a state fund that comes from the consumer, who pays between $0.05 and $0.25 per container on CRV purchases.

"The city is getting calls from residents who want to know what happened and where they can recycle bottles and cans," Sustainability Coordinator Ted Terrasas said in a statement.

"The city is reaching out to CalRecycle, the state agency that runs the recycling program, for assistance in finding a solution," Terrasas said. "This is a problem not just in Monterey, but across California."

Recent steep declines in oil prices have led to a reduction in buy-back prices for plastic, city officials said.

The reduced prices have affected plastic bottle production and market value - the price redemption center operators receive for recycled bottles.

City officials believe the closure of recycling centers may discourage people from recycling. The closure also has an affect on the homeless population, as many rely on collecting beverage containers in

exchange for money.

For now, residents can head to the centers at Costco at 801 Tioga in Sand City and the Marina Landfill at 14201 Del Monte Boulevard in Marina, city officials said.