Jacob Blake protest: Crowds yell 'burn it down' while lighting fires, breaking windows in Oakland, police say

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Thursday, August 27, 2020
Jacob Blake protesters lighting fires, breaking windows in Oakland, police say
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Protests are taking to the streets of Oakland over the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. Police say some people are breaking windows and starting fires.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Protests are underway in Oakland over the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

While Oakland Police Department says they support everyone's First Amendment right, they "ask that organizers help us facilitate safe spaces and safe places for the demonstration. We ask attendees not to cross barricades."

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Within 60 minutes, police reported agitators in the crowds were breaking windows, lighting trash cans on fire while yelling "Burn it down," setting of fireworks, throwing objects, and even trying to set fire to a business on 8th and Broadway.

OPD says some turned aggressive towards police, "throwing items and pointing lasers at the officers at 7th and Washington."

WATCH: Crowds take to Oakland streets in protest of Jacob Blake shooting

Later in the night they reported fire was set to the Alameda County Superior Courthouse and to "please avoid the area."

Video shows graffiti, mostly demanding justice Blake. One painted string of words reads, "Attack the rich in the Oakland hills."

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Those here want the officers in the Wisconsin shooting charged and fundamental changes when it comes to policing.

We talked with Alex Karim, an organizer from Defund SFPD, who says change needs to come, "I don't know what's worse to watch these videos or watch nothing change as a result of them. We have COVID and we have fires and people are still showing up and putting their feet to the streets and making their voices heard."

Police have been active on Twitter, reaffirming their support for demonstrations, while also pleading with crowds to keep it peaceful, safe and legal, as "some within the crowd are disruptive and have no regard for others safety"

Here are some of their latest reports on Twitter:

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