Buyer Beware: Police warn shoppers how to be safe this holiday season

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- The countdown for the 2017 holiday shopping season is on, and like it or not thieves are not far behind.

Police say car burglaries spike this time of year, so don't be a victim.

"Smash and grabs can happen real quick," said Novato Police Sergeant Jay Demski.

Novato Police posted holiday shopping safety tips on its Facebook page.

Tips include parking in well lit areas when shopping at night, shopping in groups if you can, to never buy more than you can carry, and to never leave packages or bags in plain sight in your car.

"If you keep things in sight, that's a pretty good chance your car will be broken into. Always keep purchases hidden in the trunk," Demski added.

Police say be aware of your surroundings, especially around ATM machines.

Happy shopping, and be safe.
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