San Francisco's Salesforce Transit Center rooftop park reopens to public

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The public park on top of the Salesforce Transit Tower re-opened Monday after a 10-month-long closure.

The building was shut down in September because cracks were found in two beams on the bus deck. They have been working on repairs ever since to make the building safe.

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"We have been waiting for 10 months for it to reopen and we want to share it with the public," said the spokesperson for the park, Ashley Langworthy.

The open space has more to offer than plants and playscapes.

"We have 22 regularly recurring programs a week, including free fitness classes, children's activities, live music twice a week, a knitting group, crafts tonight," said Langworthy. She also listed DJ classes.

You can also find books, games, a bar and arts and crafts supplies.

Bettina Jochum Duller brought her 2-year-old MOnday morning. Alexandra was so excited she was tough to keep up with.

"It's a very safe area here because there are no cars or bicycles. We appreciate having books and other amenities," she said as Alexandra ran off to see what else she could find.

There is a gondola at Fremont and Mission that takes visitors up to the park.

The transit center is not open yet but officials hope to open it within the next couple of weeks.

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