Faithful send 49ers off to Las Vegas in wet weather, while news crew spends 10 hours flying there

ByJ.R. Stone and Ryan Curry KGO logo
Monday, February 5, 2024
49ers Super Bowl Las Vegas sendoff met with tons of wet weather woes
The Faithful sent the 49ers off to Las Vegas in wet weather, while the ABC7 News crew spent nearly 10 hours flying there because of it.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It was a rain-soaked sendoff for the Red and Gold.

The 49ers headed to Las Vegas Sunday afternoon ahead of next Sunday's big game.

Fans cheered on the team at Levi's Stadium as they hit the road.

If you thought the rain would stop these fans from showing up to cheer on the team, you would be wrong. It was all ponchos, umbrellas and a ton of red and gold.

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All along the edges of the Santa Clara soccer fields, which are right by the stadium, were 49ers fans.

All of them were waving their flags and cheering as loud as they could to give the team some more motivation as they prepare for one of the biggest games of their lives.

At the time the team left, there was finally had a break in the rain.

But make no mistake, everyone there got soaked in the moments leading up them leaving.

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For some of these fans, wishing them good luck was a top priority, even if it meant getting a little wet.

"They know we are behind them. They know they can draw energy and vibes from us. And they want to produce and get that sixth Super Bowl, not just for them, but for the Faithful. The team really responds to the Faithful," said San Jose resident Mark Castanin.

"We are looking forward to and hoping another game. We're going to win this other game," said Tim Carrasco.

Some of these fans, you could tell, have waited so long for this team to once again be the champions of the league.

ABC7 News crew spends 10 hours trying to get to Las Vegas

Long lines for as far as you could see is what it looked like in one area of San Francisco International Airport Sunday. The line was due to the hundreds of flight cancellations at the airport.

Let's rewind a bit: As our news crew drove to SFO just after 7 a.m., they could see the ocean-sized waves on the Bay.

Then it was one delay after the next at the airport. Some were playing cards and watching soccer, while others were excited about football, specifically their San Francisco 49ers.

"Oh there are so many parties in hotels and clubs," said 49ers fan Jose Perez.

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But the Southwest flight our news crew was scheduled to take never showed up. Soon, there was an announcement that the flight was canceled, which meant a quick rebooking.

"So we're now in route to Oakland International Airport after our flight was canceled. First, it was delayed," said ABC7 News reporter J.R. Stone from the backseat of a cab.

"About four times, right? I think it was four times," said ABC7 News Sports Anchor Chris Alvarez.

"Hopefully, we get on this flight, which is at 1:45, in two hours. I feel like we're in the Amazing Race or something, but the goal is Vegas, Vegas, Viva Las Vegas. Destination Vegas!" said Stone.

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Our crew's taxi driver raced to Oakland International. Stone and Alvarez in the back and one of Alvarez's many suitcases riding shotgun.

To the airport, then the plane, and what do you know: turns out President Biden is in Vegas Sunday.

"They shut the airport down during that time, so we're taking off after the president gets there," said the pilot.

"Slightly delayed due to the president but we are on our way now!" said Stone.

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It seems that all of Vegas was waiting for our crew ,but that was due to the massive amount of delays and cancellations.

"We finally made it!" said Stone.

"Me and my eight bags!" said Alvarez sarcastically.

"You and your eigh bags. He's ragging on me for telling everyone he had eight bags. But, we finally made it to Las Vegas. How bout that flight?" said Stone

"Long bumpy flight, but we are here!" said Alvarez.

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