Here's how Bay Area 49ers fan got Super Bowl tickets under average resale price of $9,000

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024
How 49ers fan got Super Bowl tickets under average resale price of $9K
Super Bowl tickets are at a premium price. One ticket site says it's the highest demand in 15 years, another says this is the most expensive.

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- Super Bowl tickets are at a premium price right now.

One ticket site says it's the highest demand in 15 years, another says that so far this is the most expensive Super Bowl ticket ever.

Multiple resale ticket sites say the average price of one ticket is currently above $9,000.

"I know so many people who reached out to me about going to Vegas this morning and most are going for the watch parties!"

Rey Pena says those are 49ers season ticket holders like him, but the difference is, he's no longer monitoring those prices, he's already guaranteed to get Super Bowl Tickets.

"The price that I'm going to be paying for the tickets is the $2,100 price that I paid for the tickets earlier in October plus $3,500 per ticket," says Pena.

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When it comes to the Faithful, there are die-hards and then there's Fremont resident Rey Peña.

Rey, who happens to be 2023 NFL Fan of the Year and is known as Eye of the Niner for his prosthetic 49ers eye, made a gamble early this season.

On SI Tickets by Sports Illustrated he put up nearly 43-hundred dollars for the rights to two seats if the Niners made it to the Super Bowl. If they didn't make it he would have lost that money but they won on Sunday.

So Pena is paying $11,300 total for two tickets in lower end zone seats. Tickets that are going for more than $12,000 apiece in the resale marketplace.

"A lot of people might be worried about losing that money," we said to Pena. His reply, "Yeah, well I was pretty stressed out all year."

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Now though he'll be there with his wife, who only found out about his winning gamble after the NFC Championship game.

"She goes you're lying, you're lying. She cursed at me a little bit," said Pena with a laugh.

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49ers fans were lined up around Dick's Sporting Goods before Sunday's game even ended, to get their hands on the NFC champion shirts and hats.

But Rey says she was amazed and is as excited as he is to go to the Super Bowl.

Many that we spoke with are hoping ticket prices drop on the secondary market. They usually will drop right up until the game starts. Some years though prices only drop slightly.

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Niners season ticket holders do have chances at Super Bowl tickets. They are all automatically put into a raffle.

Those who are picked can get Super Bowl tickets at face value which is likely around the price Pena paid through SI Tickets. Rey tells us he got an email after Sunday's game saying he wasn't chosen.

Everyone he knows got that same email, too. In his case though, it's okay because he's already got tickets.

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