Wedding guests may soon be able to cash in on 49ers Super Bowl bets received as favors

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Sunday, February 4, 2024
Wedding guests receive 49ers Super Bowl sports bets as favors
Wedding guests may soon be able to cash in on 49ers Super Bowl sports bets received as favors from a September ceremony in Lake Tahoe.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KGO) -- Not many people can say they make money from attending a wedding.

On Sept. 9, Jessica and Matt Grime said their 'I do's' in South Lake Tahoe.

Tucked in each of their guest's napkins was a sports bet: the 49ers win Super Bowl 58.

"This has been a great way to still feel that excitement for what we just had together, a big celebration for our love, so it's just been really fun to keep that momentum going," said Jessica Albee Grime.

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Grime is a Pacifica native and is an event planner based in South Lake Tahoe.

Both she and Matt wanted to integrate Tahoe casinos in a creative and engaging way.

She said favors are sometimes one of the first things to go or be forgotten.

"Really, favors are kind of dying out and you don't really have the reason to spend the money on them. So I felt like this was a great reason. It showed how much Matt and I loved the Niners, and it's fun," Grime said.

The front of the favor a message reads, "You bet on us, so we placed a bet for you."

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The couple bought $2 bets for each of their 180 guests.

If the 49ers take the Vince Lombardi Trophy home, each winning ticket can be cashed in for just under $20.

Some guests were smart to grab extras left behind.

"Depends on how many favors they took off of other people's places, haha. So, I know one of my cousin's said he left with 12," Grime said.

Even friends and family from Michigan are hoping these favors pay off.

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"You feel their excitement. They call, they text. They're just like, 'Oh my god can you believe this is actually going to happen? It's fun to, you know, months after the wedding to still be able to enjoy the wedding," Grime said.

On the back of each favor, a message says, "We hope you get as lucky as us. #ForeverFaithful."

"We're hoping the Niners pull through and win the Super Bowl and then we get a little money back for our wedding hahah," Grime said.

If the 49ers are Super Bowl champs, wedding guests from outside the state can mail in their winning ticket.

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