Giants win 10th straight game, longest streak since 2004, as fans pack into Oracle Park

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Thursday, June 22, 2023
Giants win 10th straight game, longest streak since 2004
The San Francisco Giants are hitting their stride, winning 10 games in a row after Wednesday night's victory over the San Diego Padres.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The San Francisco Giants are hitting their stride. Going into Wednesday night's ballgame they had won nine in a row and were looking for number 10, which they eventually got.

ABC7 News talked with fans as they packed into Oracle Park.

"You know they've also won nine in a row?" we asked.

"Yes we know, so today will be our tenth!" yelled Nia Bautista and Laney Garcia.

That's a "No Duh" fact to die-hard Giants fans.

The victory makes this win streak the Giants' longest since 2004, ESPN reports.

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Fans came out to the ballpark by the thousands, looking for number 10 on the first day of summer. A day with clear skies, sunshine, kayakers, and plenty of fans ready to get loud.

"We'll be loud! I know how to be loud. Hopefully, y'all will be loud cause I'm gonna be loud. Y'all better be loud!" yelled Giants fan Raziya Hamilton to her friends.

"It's nice to see, you know, and get that excitement back in the city," said Giants fan Ravnik Kler.

"Kind of has that 2010 feel like you're not expecting a whole lot. Bunch of no-name guys or guys who have been around for a while, so it's special I think," said Giants fan Vince Salinas.

Most we talked with were decked out with Giants blankets, Giants shoes, and Giants socks and have been watching the winning team.

"Especially us beating the Dodgers over the weekend, that was beautiful," said Giants fan Nia Bautista.

"The shutout the other day against LA, just had to come cheer them on," said Giants fan Keir Lieberman.

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But some admitted they seemed to have missed all of the games this season.

"Have you been watching too?" we asked Laney Garcia.

"I have not," said Garcia who continued, "I will be watching tonight!"

That changes now, winning changes everything.

"That's what success does, it brings more fans out and it's a more fun team to watch," said Giants fan Ben Staveley.

"This is the lucky hat and they going to win tonight I guarantee that," said Giants fan Nancy Shrager.

And win they did, tenth in a row, this time against the Padres.

The Giants will now go for the sweep against the Padres Thursday afternoon at Oracle Park.

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