Details into alleged financial crimes revealed after headless body found in San Francisco home of missing man

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The legal trouble may be just beginning for a person of interest in the case of a missing San Francisco man who lived in a home where a headless corpse was found.

Lance Silva is a person of interest in the case of missing person Brian Egg. Silva had a court hearing Wednesday on a different case after Alameda County prosecutors say he violated his probation on a grand theft conviction seven years ago.

San Francisco police arrested him two weeks ago for financial crimes, ID theft and homicide related to the disappearance of 65-year-old Brian Egg, but those charges were dropped while the investigation continues.

ABC7 News obtained the probable cause court document which gives insight into Silva's case.

Egg's neighbors say he disappeared sometime in June and that they would see strangers coming and going from his house.

Silva and another man were arrested in mid-August after police responded to neighbors' calls that a crime scene cleaning crew was in front of the home.

After a search of Silva's belongings, police found Egg's credit card and cash which investigators believe Silva withdrew from Egg's bank account.

On June 1, Silva reportedly bought a BMW at the Silmi Auto Sales Lot in Newark. He paid $5,500.

Dealership owner Ehab Silmi remembers the sale.

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We asked what name he used. "Brian Egg," Silmi said.

Everything looked legit says Silmi. "He paid part cash and part credit."

He says the credit card had Egg's name on it.

When police showed up at the Dealership August 16, the day of his arrest, they showed him Lance Silva's picture.

"Yeah it was a picture of the guy who purchased the car from me," Silmi said.

The body found in the home is so badly decomposed and mutilated that the medical examiner reportedly needs DNA to identify it.

Investigators however believe it is the body of missing Brian Egg.

According to the court document, Silva admitted to police he drove the BMW but said he simply found it in front of Egg's home.

Police also say Silva paid a crime scene cleaning crew with Egg's credit card.

The Judge continued the hearing for two weeks.

Silva is being held without bail.
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