Rebranding brings new name for San Francisco neighborhood

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The new Transbay Terminal in San Francisco is set for a grand opening this month, but a neighborhood springing up around it has already announced its presence and for some it is a head-scratcher.

Resident Veronica Chung says, "I moved from the East Bay to the East Cut." The what? The where?

The East Cut is the rebranding of Rincon Hill, part of South Beach -- a relatively new name itself -- and about 30 blocks surrounding the new Transbay Terminal.

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Workers and residents seem perplexed. Jessy Oats suggested, "It's probably cool for all the hipsters to say I live in the East Cut. It's edgy." Micah Brown says, "Names do change sometimes, but I like to keep the original just for historical purposes."

Banners proclaiming the East Cut pay homage to history, mentioning the Gold Rush and old coffee manufacturers in the neighborhood.

One worker says, "A name is a name. As long as its not offensive, I'm fine with it."

Another asked who decided on the change.

It was an organization called the East Cut Community Benefit District. Andrew Robinson is Executive Director. The nonprofit is funded by a tax on area property owners.

Robinson says the 4,500 that make up the Benefit District decided to rebrand after months of outreach. Robinson says, "I think the city doesn't get involved in the naming of neighborhoods. They are organic and come from the community."

But here's the question -- what does East Cut mean? Robinson has the answer.

"It's a historic reference to the second street cut, which was the leveling of what was then the highest point on Rincon Hill to allow goods and services to move easier to the water. "

By the way, this certainly isn't the only neighborhood to rebrand. Think NOPA, SoMa, South Beach and Hayes Valley, just to name a few.

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