EXCLUSIVE: San Francisco police identify man fatally shot in Glen Park area

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Award winning filmmaker Kevin Epps was released from San Francisco County Jail Tuesday after being accused of murder.

The District Attorney says there's insufficient evidence. We know a lot about Epps, but not about the man who was fatally shot until now.

Marcus Polk, the man Epps is accused of fatally shooting at his Bernal Heights home, apparently had a relationship with the sister of Epps' girlfriend.

ABC7 News spoke to a man who wants to go by the name Bill because he wants to remain anonymous.

"He was having a hard time going in and out of jail," Bill said.

Bill was the last roommate of Polk.

Epps, best known for his 2001 movie "Straight Outta Hunters Point" was arrested for the murder.

However, the district attorney released him Tuesday night saying it appeared to be self-defense, although adding it's still an open case.

On Wednesday, no one answered the door at Epps' home where Polk was shot after allegedly forcing his way inside a home occupied by Epps' girlfriend, her two children and her sister.

The 45-year-old victim was a registered sex offender with a long rap sheet.

He was wearing an ankle monitor. His convictions included, domestic violence, robbery and drugs.

"Marijuana was his main thing, he had a good heart and good spirit, but the drugs started taking control right before he passed away. He started to get on crystal meth, pretty tough he started smoking it," Bill said.

Bill last saw Polk in September when he kicked him out of his unit at the vista Del Monte Apartments near the house where he died. "I had to get a stay away order because he got unruly and stuff like that, he had to go," Bill said.

Then Polk was jailed again for parole violation and he was released last week. "Since then, he didn't have a place to stay, so he was essentially on the streets. He was going from place to place," Bill said. "He was flirting with danger. He was pushing it."

Bill believes the shooting stemmed from a relationship issue involving Polk and the women in the house.
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