Community members shout down SFPD chief at Bayview town hall

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- At Friday's town hall meeting, hosted by San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, community members demanded answers and had angry outbursts towards Suhr.

One woman stood up and shouted, "But I'm saying that you need to be taken out of office!"

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There were cheers from the crowd when that woman demanded Suhr be fired. Emotions spilled over at the town hall meeting.

One man shouted, "Ain't no serve and protect! It's harass and kill. This is murder!"

Suhr tried to explain to the crowd the chain of events leading up to the shooting, but he was shouted down.

"When Mr. Woods advanced towards him, he feared he would go by him, he fired in defense of himself and the people... This is what I have."

Another man stood up and said, "There's no reason to shoot somebody 16 times... and he ain't got nothing but a knife. Shoot him in the leg!"

Suhr says he understands why the community is angry. He said, "Maybe we need other tools in our toolbox that are short of deadly force. We need to look at all of this because this... this... I don't ever want this to happen again."

Mario Woods' mother said her son suffered from mental health issues and was trying to overcome them.

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