Santa Cruz residents concerned after spotting loud, low-flying military aircraft over neighborhood

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- Neighbors in Santa Cruz noticed something out of the ordinary on Tuesday, flying above their homes.

People who spoke with ABC7 News said they initially thought it was a commercial airplane, and feared the worst.

Video captured by an ABC7 News photojournalist shows a C-17 military aircraft flying over Santa Cruz homes. Neighbors describe the out of the ordinary sight.

"It was a giant airplane, very low, right over my house," Heather Babcock said.

Babcock was working in her office when the C-17 flew overhead. She feared it was heading for open water.

"I ran out the door of my office, looked up and saw what I thought was a commercial airliner like right over my house. Really loud," Babcock said. "I thought that it was going towards the ocean."

With Fleet Week San Francisco just a short drive away, we reached out to the Airshow Network to learn whether the aircraft would be part of the performance.

Mary Breen explained the C-17 was not involved in the air show.

NetCom Santa Cruz workers said the office received several calls about the low-flying aircraft, but explain they've directed callers to the Federal Aviation Administration.

FAA spokesperson, Ian Gregor, told us the administration wouldn't be able to get information on the aircraft unless they did a labor-intensive radar replay. Instead, they directed us to the military.

Neighbors say they're relieved the aircraft wasn't part of a major catastrophe.

"Oh my God, what was that? I'm waiting to hear fire engines or hear a plane crashed," Babcock said. "That's really what I thought was happening."
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