Santa Cruz Mountains wildfire prompts over 100 residents to evacuate

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Santa Cruz Mountains wildfire prompts evacuations
Firefighters are hoping calm winds and humidity will help them put out a wildfire in the Santa Cruz Mountains that's threatening homes and left at least five firefighters injured.

SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS, Calif. (KGO) -- A wildfire burning in the Santa Cruz Mountains forced at least 150 residents to evacuate Tuesday morning. So far, the fire has burned 200 acres and is 5 percent contained.

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During a press conference, Cal Fire said five firefighters suffered minor injuries. One fell, into a ravine battling the blaze. The firefighter suffered a broken wrist, and cuts to face. Three other firefighters fell down a hill, but are expected to be OK. And another person injured was an inmate on the hand crew who had to be taken out from battling the fire due to smoke inhalation.

At least 150 to 200 homes are threatened and one structure has been destroyed.

Officials said evacuation orders are in place for the community of Deer Creek as well as Las Cumbres.

The fire broke out at 11 p.m. on Monday near Bear Creek and Deer Creek roads.

Cal Fire had six aircraft on order, but because of the heavy smoke they are only using three at this time. 600 fire personnel were on hand to fight the blaze.

There are evacuation centers at Lake View Elementary School and the Zayante Fire station.

Cal Fire officials said they are hoping calm winds and humidity will help them put out the fire. They also said are getting reinforcements on Wednesday.

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