Former California congressman who helped create Earth Day speaks out in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, Calif. (KGO) -- People around the world are celebrating earth day this weekend, which was started in part by former California Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey almost 50 years ago.

The former Republican congressman helped organize the first Earth Day in 1970.

As a member of the House, he put forth the Endangered Species Act, which passed in 1973.

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Now at age 90, he continues to be champion for the environment and draws parallels between the political climate in 1970 to today.

"Congress convened in 1971 for four years, clean air, clean water, coastal zone, endangered species. The great environmental laws were all passed in the next four years, bipartisan cooperation, because those kids, like the kids down in that Florida school turned out and they turned out to turn the vote out to an apathetic public. It ushered in 24 years of bipartisan cooperation in the house and senate," McCloskey said.

To say the McCloskey is unhappy with the Trump administration would be an understatement. McCloskey switched party affiliations in 2007 and is now a democrat.

He hopes voters show up to the polls next fall and vote for the environment.

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