High school students secretly record teacher's cheerful daily greeting for year-end present

There are conventional end-of-year presents from students, and then there's presenting your teacher with a hilarious compilation of all the times you secretly recorded him.

Spanish teacher Andrew Ward of Kansas City, Kansas, enthusiastically greeted his class each day by shouting "Buenos dias!" as he entered the room. Sometimes he mixed it up by using other languages, wearing a sombrero or enlisting others to make the entrance with him. On May 4th (Star Wars Day), he entered by saying, "Luke, yo soy tu padre" (Luke, I am your father.")

His students loved Senor Ward's ritual so much they started recording it each day.

As the year wound to a close, two graduating students, Bella Gordillo and Taylor Rios, presented Ward with a video montage of his best entrances. The teacher posted about the sweet gift on social media, saying he had no idea what they had been doing.

"I was unaware they were capturing my goofiness," he wrote on Facebook. "I realized after watching this -- that I need to buy more shirts."

The video received hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook, and the school itself posted about it on Facebook, saying, "Love the positive leadership from this National Board Certified teacher and outstanding graduates."
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