SF giving thousands to new, current entrepreneurs in the Fillmore. Here's how to apply

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023
SF giving thousands to new, current entrepreneurs in the Fillmore
San Francisco giving thousands of dollars to new, current entrepreneurs in the Fillmore. Here's how to apply.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The search has begun. San Francisco is looking for 32 entrepreneurs to equip and give money to.

"There will be a panel of entrepreneurs. Representatives from different city departments and potential investors," said Ericka Scott, owner of Honey Art Studio.

Think Shark Tank but with a neighborhood in mind, the Fillmore.

"We want them to be successful. We are setting them up for success," said Scott.

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The pitch program will be dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who live in the Fillmore or have lived in this area before. As well as any business owners who need help and are currently in the Fillmore.

The first-of-its-kind program will give out $4,500 towards a new or a current business. That's a total of $144,000 from the city. One of the main requirements is to be part of the city's small business training program. In other words, go through training that teaches you how to run a business.

"This will really be the next step. Now they will pitch their business idea and actually get a grant that is very flexible in how they use it. To cover some of those startup costs that can really be a barrier," said San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston.

More than a program to Majeid Crawford this is an opportunity to bring back Black entrepreneurs to the Fillmore.

"Businesses need support to survive and the Fillmore is an area that is so under-invested and had urban planning policies that really harmed the community. We don't have the generational wealth. We don't have the inherited wealth in the community," said Majeid Crawford, Executive Director of NCLF (New Community Living Foundation).

Here's how to apply.

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