Election 2020: San Francisco on track to break voter turnout record

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Election 2020: SF on track to break voter turnout record
Preliminary numbers for San Francisco's mail-in ballots are out, showing the city is on track to break its voter turnout.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Preliminary numbers for San Francisco's mail in ballots are out, and they show the city is on track to break its voter turnout.

We know that over 66% of San Francisco voted as of Monday.

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Numbers as of midnight on Nov. 4. indicate more than 87% of the votes went to Biden, and 10% to Trump.

More than 500 San Franciscans cast their ballots at City Hall on Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 3).

For James Perkins, this was the first time voting. Perkins arrived an hour before the polls closed.

"I got my ballot and I'm definitely not going to miss out on my chance," said Perkins.

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The latest numbers in San Francisco show more than 321,000 people voted by mail.

San Francisco began counting ballots in mid-October.

ABC7 News got an inside look at the processing center, where 16 tabulating scanners are processing at least 60 ballot cards per minute.

Still after these scanners count the votes, election workers will double check.

"We have to do what we call a 1% manual tally," said said John Arntz, Director of the SF Department of Elections. "We have to do a random selection of ballots and represent 1% of the turnout in san Francisco and then do a hand count and compare it to the machine count to make sure the voting system is working property."

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