Inspectors allowed construction of Millennium Tower as they denied similar project

Byby Katie Utehs KGO logo
Saturday, October 29, 2016
SF's Millennium Tower built despite similar project denied over settling
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Building inspectors allowed construction on the Millennium tower to proceed just as they denied a similar high rise project.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Building inspectors allowed construction on the Millennium Tower to proceed just as they denied a similar high rise project.

Issues like this are why the city will now be picking all of the experts who review construction plans, not the developer who has an inherent conflict of interest in scrutinizing their own project.

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Supervisor Aaron Peskin cracked concrete and water leakage in the basement of the Millennium Towers.

"We're now very concerned about an earthquake, we're very worried. Is that building safe? I kind of doubt it," said Dr. Andrew Faulk, homeowner in the Millennium Tower.

Inspectors say the developer tried to fix settlement related problems without a permit.

"Frankly, if we weren't holding these hearings they wouldn't be doing anything they didn't finally issue a notice of violation until yesterday the day before the hearing," Peskin said.

Peskin's hearings aim to determine if the city allowed unsafe construction in the first place.

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"They're under a ton of pressure from developers who want to go faster and make more money and you know skimp at every turn to get rich," said Peskin. When asked,"It's not the city's job to make developers money," Peskin responded, "It's the City's job to keep the public safe."

In fact the city scrapped a high rise at 80 Natoma where it was determined more than 10 inches of settlement would be unsafe.

"In 2004, the city's building officials said no to an almost identical project just a few hundred feet away," said Peskin.

Peskin plans to hold more hearings while the homeowners say someone needs to be talking about stabilizing the sinking building.

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