Are dirty streets, homeless driving business away from San Francisco's Pier 39? Your opinions here

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We told you how businesses at Pier 39 are saying the homeless situation and San Francisco's dirty streets are driving tourists away. Many of you responded to that story by reaching out to us with your opinions.

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Pier 39 is one of the safest places in San Francisco because it has its own security. It's also impeccably clean.

On Thursday, Sandra Fletcher, the President of Simco Restaurants, told us they're not getting the number of tourists they used to,

In past two years they've had to hire a marketing team and a bus service that brings tourists to them. This way, she says, they avoid many of the problems of the city.

"You step off of the property of Pier 39 and you're just faced with all of this and I think the city has to open their eyes and realize that something has to be done," Fletcher says.

Many viewers emailed us saying they agreed.

Edyn Orr, a viewer, gave us this feedback: "San Francisco has turned into a giant ghetto and the politicians said we voted for it."

Another viewer told us the wine country is seeing the impact of the city's problems.

Cherilyn Hays wrote to us: "They (meaning the tourists) are just disgusted by what they see in the city and the cost and will never go back. Napa Valley piggybacks on the SF tourism and if people stop coming, it will affect us too."

And out on the street we heard this.

"I thought it had gotten better. We haven't been for about three years," said Jim Sickman, visiting from Irvine.

Other viewers didn't think it was fair for businesses to blame the homeless.

Larry Lare Nelson also wrote to us: "When businesses take the easy route with blame it's cheaper than the quality of some of their products. Blame is a shame. Give the homeless a job."

"We need to help out homeless, said one visitor from Sacramento.

These are all opposing arguments that will continue as long as homelessness persists.

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