Holidays mean more mattress sales and we show you how to pick the best

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We buy more of just about everything this time of year and that includes mattresses. So how do you get the right one for you?

We met Courtney Shryock when she was shopping at The New National Mattress Discount Center in Hayward.

"I just moved into my apartment so I want to get a bigger bed," she told us.

So how does she pick the exact right one? Consumer advocate for CertiPUR-US, Elisabeth Leamy says-- lie down.

"So you really need to get into your favorite sleeping position," she says, "and once you are there you should stay put for 15 minutes. Because Consumer Reports found the same mattresses its testers liked after a month were the ones they liked after 15 minutes."

You don't have to do that for every mattress in the store, but do take the time for the ones you are serious about.

Keith Cross owns The New National Mattress Discount Center in Hayward.

"The key is support," He says, "You need a good mattress that will give you good support. Not that hard."

He agrees that have to get all the way on to the mattress to know if it is even a contender.

Something else you need to check, Foam. All beds come with at least some foam and the chemicals used in the manufacturing process can be brutal. Leamy says you should look for a bed that comes with foam certified by CertiPUR-US. She's a spokesperson for the nonprofit which keeps track of chemicals used in mattress foam.

"To get certified manufacturers have to submit to rigorous independent testing and surprise spot checks to make sure their foam is made without a long list of chemicals of concern," She says.

Which brings us back to Courtney's bed tryout and Keith.

"He tried me out on 3 different mattresses and found the perfect one; not too soft, not too firm. Comfy. He had me roll around to make sure it was hitting all the right spots. It was nice."

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