San Jose Sharks fans optimistic in team's quest for Stanley Cup

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose Sharks fans are optimistic about this year's playoff run. The team is facing the Los Angeles Kings in Game 3 on Monday night, and they have their sights set on the long run - the Stanley Cup.

If you're a Sharks fan looking for symbolism, here it is -- an inflation in progress Monday afternoon outside the Shark Tank and inside the hearts of every Sharks hopeful.

"Actually I am an optimist, so hopefully it's a good night," said one fan.

It will be Game 3 in a Stanley Cup playoff series against the arch rival LA Kings. Sharks lead 2-0, but let's not forget how the Kings have had the Sharks playoff number in recent years. They came back from three down in their last playoff series.

When asked if he'd rather play another team besides the Kings, fan Manuel Silva said, "No, I'd rather play against the Kings and get it over and done with."

When we say no love lost between SJ and LA, we mean it.

When asked why he doesn't like the Kings, fan Christian Hushaw said, "Because they are bad people and they like to beat us and win Stanley Cups."

San Jose is the only California team to not win one. And they're tired of looking at facsimiles around here.

"It would be something really special for San Jose and anyone born here," said Silva.

Just like it was for Warriors fans last year.

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