Tahoe Resorts thrive thanks to high-tech snow making

LAKE TAHOE (KGO) -- Ski resorts in Lake Tahoe have a message for Bay Area skiers--don't let looks deceive you. It is true that December has been especially dry, but thanks to high-tech snowmaking, the skiing in the High Sierra is not too bad going into the holidays.

"I'm going to go out on a limb," said James Larmore, Senior Operations Manager at Northstar California. "Anything that's groomed, you can bring your brand new equipment and come skiing here and you won't hit a rock. How's that?"

Northstar has received 58 inches of snow so far this season. That's just three inches fewer than this time last year and with colder temperatures this season, the snowmaking operations have been working nearly round the clock.

"The thing we're hearing the most," said Northstar California's Stephanie Myers, "is that it's a lot better than I thought it was and it is. It's great."

Still, while pleasantly surprised by the current conditions, there are many here who will keep a close eye, on the skies.

"Don't panic, come on up, Enjoy the snow," said Don Bradley, a Tahoe local. "I won't be here next week, so have your way with it."
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