Logs along Oakland street upsetting residents

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Placing huge heavy logs on a street in West Oakland is someone's way of expressing anger over RVs that used to park there.

It's a kind of vigilanteism-- a manifestation of how frustrated people are with the lack of an urgent humanitarian response to homelessness in Oakland according to city Councilmember Lynette Gibson-McElhaney.

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Community advocate Ken Houston said, "For someone to have come out over a year ago you have to have heavy equipment to put these logs here."

Word on the street is that the logs have prevented RVs from parking for close to a year and helped with illegal dumping. But homeless advocates say the logs are punishing those struggling to survive on the street.

Departments within the city of Oakland declined to be interviewed on camera issuing only a written statement saying-- "The city does not support intentional obstruction of the public right of way. "

ABC7 News talked to Oaklands Public Works Department. They said they have gotten no formal complaints about the logs so far. They said they are inundated with service requests and are prioritizing illegal dumping. But there are no plans yet for removal.

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Houston pointed out, "This is a public safety issue. There are no reflectors here. You could drive down here at night and run into it. What they should do is have them removed and place it so RVs cannot park here overnight and you solve both problems. "

But for now, the literal log jam on Poplar Avenue in this industrial neighborhood remains.

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