San Francisco attorney files several lawsuits against Gov. Newsom's shelter-in-place order

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco Civil Rights attorney, who is an RNC Committeewoman, has filed several lawsuits calling into question Governor Gavin Newsom's stay-at-home rules.

Civil Rights Attorney Harmeet Dhillon says in the last couple of weeks she's filed six lawsuits against the governor. Dhillon is an RNC Committeewoman for California. She previously served as the Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party, and Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party.

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"The governor is overreaching on a number of grounds," said Dhillon.

In part the lawsuits center around protests.

"The governor has chosen to limit protests to zero in this state which is outrageous and absurd," said Dhillon.

When it comes to small businesses."No appeal process, no selection criteria," she explained.

Regarding the closure of houses of worship, Dhillon said, "Going to church to worship communally is a first amendment-protected activity and while it does not sustain the level of protection as protests, petitions, the press, other forms of speech, it is protected under the constitution and we believe it is unconstitutional for the governor to impose restrictions on worship that are broader than necessary to achieve the government's interests."

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And now, possibly state beaches.

"Today's Orange County beach shutdown is almost certain to yield legal action," said Dhillon.

Governor Newsom announced today beaches in Orange County will be closed.

"The application of these rules has to happen at the local level but when it doesn't and the enforcement can't we want to be supportive and provide guidance," said the Governor during a press conference.

Before the Governor made his official announcement, Humbolt County's Sheriff announced his opposition on social media, writing he believes it violates constitutional rights and would not enforce it.

Later he said in a statement, "I'm grateful the governor didn't move forward with a plan that would have unnecessarily and arbitrarily restricted access to our coastline."

Dhillon said she expects a lawsuit based on the beach closures, but wouldn't say whether or not she'll be the attorney who files it.

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