ESPN Forecast: Predicting who wins Cavaliers-Warriors III

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Friday, May 26, 2017

It's finally official. The first NBA Finals trilogy awaits us, a rematch of a rematch that most fans have been expecting all season. Will the[url TARGET="_blank" HREF="" ]Golden State Warriors[/url]or the[url TARGET="_blank" HREF="" ]Cleveland Cavaliers[/url]win the NBA title? And in how many games?[br /][br /]If that's not enough forecasting fun for you, we also had our panel of experts and group of fans look into their crystal balls and tell us who will be the 2017 Finals MVP.[br /][Ads /][br /]Here are the predictions from our ESPN Forecast panel of experts, ESPN's [url TARGET="_blank" HREF="" ]Basketball Power Index[/url] (BPI), [url TARGET="_blank" HREF="" ]FiveThirtyEight[/url],[url TARGET="_blank" HREF="" ]PredictWise[/url]and a panel of fans.[br /][br /]Predicting Game 1[/h2][br /][br /][img SRC="" ][br /][br /]Predicting the series[/h2][br /][br /][img SRC="" ][br /][Ads /][br /]Predicting the number of games[/h2][br /][br /]Predicting the Finals MVP[/h2][br /][br /][img SRC="" ][br /][br /]ESPN Forecast and the fan panel predictions were conducted in coordination with Microsoft Research.[br/][br/][sectionHeader]Related Video[/sectionHeader][promoExternal HREF="" IMAGE="" TITLE="SVP: Appreciate Warriors-Cavaliers III" DESCRIPTION="While the playoffs may have been underwhelming, Scott Van Pelt says LeBron James' performance and Golden State's dominance makes these NBA Finals special." ]