Giants, Angels downplay ninth-inning pitches near Mike Trout's head

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

San Francisco Giants pitcher Shaun Anderson threw two pitches near Mike Trout's head during the ninth inning of Tuesday's 8-2 win over the Los Angeles Angels, but both the Giants and Angels downplayed the pitches after the game.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler said he wanted to get Anderson some work in the ninth because he hadn't pitched in a while.

"I will be very direct," Kapler said. "Scott hasn't been on the mound in five days. He was a little jumpy. We don't throw at people."

Angels manager Joe Maddon didn't see anything malicious in the matchup but did point to Anderson's inexperience.

"That's just a young man who's not ready to be here. That's all that is,'' he said. "That's why we've got to be careful as we move things further along that we don't bring up guys who aren't ready to particularly pitch with command because that's where people can get hurt. That's got to be watched."

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