Nori Aoki hit in head by pitch, able to leave game under own power

ByJohn Jackson ESPN logo
Monday, August 10, 2015

CHICAGO -- A scary moment occurred in the third inning of the Chicago Cubs' 2-0 victory over the San Francisco Giants on Sunday when Giants left fielder Nori Aoki was hit in the head with a 92 mph cutter from Jake Arrieta.

Aoki, who dives close to the plate as the pitch is delivered, couldn't get out of the way and was hit in the front of the helmet just above the brim.

He stayed down on the ground for several minutes before getting up and slowly walking to the dugout. He was replaced by Angel Pagan.

"Aoki is OK now," San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy said after the game. "We'll check him when we get back [home]. He's doing OK. He'll come in tomorrow, we'll have him evaluated and see how he is doing."

Said Arrieta: "You're always concerned when a guy gets hit in the head, regardless of who it is. Outside of the game, we're all kinda in this together and you never want to see someone get hit like that.

"Obviously, it was not intentional. I was trying to go in with a cutter there. He's on the plate pretty good ... I hope he's back in the lineup tomorrow. I hope he's all right."

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