Prescott, 2 teammates OK after attack

ByAlex Scarborough ESPN logo
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott and teammates Damian Williams and Torrey Dale were assaulted while attending a concert on spring break in Panama City Beach, Florida, on Monday, a Mississippi State spokesman said.

Photos of the incident posted online showed a bloodied Prescott, who sustained multiple lacerations but did not require a trip to the hospital, according to spokesman Bill Martin.

Prescott's brother Tad said, "He's fine," when reached via text.

Martin said he spoke with Prescott about the fight, and Prescott told him he suffered facial cuts after being hit with a bottle but did not need to be hospitalized and police were not involved.

Prescott and his teammates were "jumped," Martin said, and that Prescott "took the brunt of it." He said the attack was "random" and that the Mississippi State players didn't instigate it.

Martin said Prescott did not want to press charges and that the three players are headed back to Starkville.

Prescott sent a message on Twitter on Monday night to thank fans for their support.

Prescott, a rising senior, was a Heisman Trophy candidate for much of last season. The 6-foot-2, 230-pound Louisiana native finished eighth on the ballot after posting 3,449 yards passing, 986 yards rushing and 41 total touchdowns.

Spring practice for the Mississippi State begins March 18.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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