As Sriracha demand surges, here's how one SF restaurant is helping the cause

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Friday, July 14, 2023
Amid Sriracha shortage, one SF restaurant is helping the cause
With some Sriracha bottles reaching over $100, one San Francisco Korean restaurant is offering a free bottle to people who order a new dish of theirs.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Sriracha sauce is in hot demand right now and experts say it's due in large part to a red jalapeno chile pepper shortage.

One San Francisco restaurant in the Excelsior District is offering a free bottle to people who order a new Korean dish of theirs.

"This shortage happened again, so then oh my God, it's crazy it's like 200 bucks no way right!" said Ina Jungin Lee, owner of San Francisco Korean restaurant The Korner Store Bites & Vibes.

Jungin Lee is referring to the current price of Sriracha sauce online and at some locations across the country.

Sriracha is one thing that Jungin Lee has plenty of at The Korner Store.

"We currently have about 75 bottles," said Jungin Lee, after she bought them when prices had dropped.

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At one Alhambra market, the hot sauce sells out within a day when the store gets a shipment, according to a new report.

"I purchased bottles of Sriracha and then oh my God what am I gonna do with it? I will come up with something," she told us.

So Jungin Lee decided, why not give them away to those who purchase their new spicy Haemul Jjim dish, which her parents are now masters at cooking, along with her brother.

"We have a lot of authentic food made by mama, papa, and my brother!" she said.

"We have a free bottle of Sriracha sauce for you!" Jungin Lee told ABC7 News reporter J.R. Stone

You can also chose to buy two premium Soju bottles and get free Sriracha.

This dish will run you about $75 but it feeds four to five people. And Jungin Lee, who runs The Korner Store with her husband Nick, says the deal lasts until the Sriracha is gone.

"We're launching hot food with the hot sauce and hot place for fun. And how long does it take for you to finish a bottle of Sriracha? Maybe a year? Maybe 6 months? I think it's worth it," said Jungin Lee.

The Korner Store Bites & Vibes is located at 4516 Mission Street in San Francisco.

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