StubHub changes how customers view ticket prices

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- StubHub, a giant in event ticket resales, is changing the way it does business.

7 on Your Side was first alerted to this by a viewer who is not thrilled with the change. This consumer is a is huge fan of StubHub and loves the way they did business, so when things changed she let me know about it.

StubHub is a marketplace for tickets of all kinds. Sports, concerts you name it. A couple years back it launched all-in pricing saying, "no surprise add-on fees at checkout. The price you see is the price you'd pay,"

But now that policy has been scraped.

"What you advertise is what I should pay," said Montara resident Leni Liakos. "You shouldn't sneak something in at the last minute."

Liakos was surprised by the new add-on fees when she was part of StubHub's AB testing.

"Seriously? You know, you are better than this guys. I thought you were better than this. You need to be honest with your customers. Tell us upfront what we're paying, don't sneak something in at the last minute," Liakos said,

Here's what she is talking about. You find a ticket, here a $2,500 one to the 49ers, Green Bay Packers game, but before you pay the price jumps to $2,937.25.

That's how most of StubHub's competitors have been doing it all along. Like most online retailers, adding shipping, tax and fees towards the end of the purchase process.

StubHub says it still has a way for buyers to avoid a surprise. A new box that allows you to see the total price before clicking on the buy button.

In a statement StubHub said, "We are constantly looking at ways to offer a more personalized experience and greater choice to customers, and updating our pricing display options is a part of that effort."

Published reports say StubHub was losing out on sales because they were so transparent in the costs and consumers actually like seeing the lower prices. StubHub says consumers like to comparison shop the initial ticket price.
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