ABC7 Salutes 6 outstanding San Francisco high school seniors

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The 2022 Superintendent's 21st Century Awards Scholarship Program grants six graduating seniors in San Francisco who have excelled academically and have been leaders at their school and in their communities.

Each winner received a $3,000 scholarship. They were honored at an event sponsored by SFUSD on May 4.

Here's a look at their work:

Tashi Gotlieb

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Tashi Gotlieb attends Lowell High School and is interested in pursuing a career in business. He worked on fundraisers at his school to help build schools in developing countries because he believes that education is really the key to uplifting any community.

Tashi Gotlieb moved to San Francisco from Australia at an early age. His teachers say he is very ambitious but also very grateful. He know where he wants to go and he is careful and polite when getting there. Tashi will start UC Berkeley this summer but in the fall will spend a semester abroad in London.

Jazmine Guzman

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Jazmine Guzman attends John O'Connell High School. She is a student representative of the San Francisco Unified School District's arts committee where she help push for more exposure of Latino art, artists of color and LGBTQ artists.

Jazmine is the youngest of seven children, all college graduates. Her parents immigrated from Mexico. While at school, he was exposed to architecture and construction classes which led her to a life-changing internship. She wants to pursue a career in engineering or architecture in college. She had the choice of going to either Stanford or Harvard. She picked Stanford.

Carlos Huang

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Carlos Huang attends Balboa High School where he used his voice to advocate and become involved in helping after he found out about the hatred towards some in the Asian community.

Carlos Huang and his family are Chinese immigrants who came to San Francisco from Brazil. It was through his teachers that Carolos learned to use his voice to bring change to his community. Carlos wants to major in computer science and become a software engineer working on social justice issues.

Un Ieng Sit

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Un Ieng Sit goes to Galileo High School and served her Chinatown community well during the pandemic tutoring kids and teaching senior citizens how to communicate online.

Un Ieng came to San Francisco from China when she was only 10 years old. During the pandemic, she helped tutor kids living in Chinatown's SROs. During the shelter-in-place ordinance, she taught seniors the basic skills needed to communicate with the outside world through the internet. Un Ieng is now headed to UC Berkeley to major in computer science and learn how to further open the world for underserved communities.

Zainab Wisniewski

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Zainab Wisniewski attends San Francisco International High School. She moved here from Sierra Leone to find opportunities she could not have in her native country.

Zainab Wisniewski acts with empathy. She is a leader that creates change. She's always learning together with her peers and is always challenging herself. Zainab wants to major in computer science and has been accepted to UC Santa Cruz.

Joanne Yen

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Joanne Yen is a senior at Lincoln High School and she is passionate about helping her community. She is a true advocate for herself and others.

Joanne Yen was an intern in San Francisco's District 9 and later a volunteer at the Mission Food Hub, where she used her language skills to help the Chinese community seek out needed help. At Lincoln, she also helped co-found the school's Key Club, an international organization intended to make the world a better place through service. Joanne will attend UC Berkeley in the fall, majoring in political science with an emphasis on health advocacy.

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