Surfers rescue another surfer at Fort Point in San Francisco, officials say

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A group of surfers is being credited with saving another surfer's life, rescuing him from a San Francisco beach.

ABC7 News was at Fort Point near the Presidio where it happened Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses say the surfer was riding a six to eight-foot wave when he gained too much speed and crashed head first into a rock. Another surfer at the scene, who is also an EMT, rushed to perform CPR on him after another group pulled him from the water.

"Looks like he had a gash on his head, so he probably hit the rock and became unconscious. Someone was obviously calling 911 and we were just pumping on him 30 to 2 trying to get his impressions in and the airway," said Kevin Smallwood.

The San Francisco Fire Department says that the quick action of the surfers may have changed the outcome of the rescue. "The CPR being administered right away is really a positive thing, and under incredibly adverse conditions. Substantial swell out there, whitewater, rocks. These gentlemen all did a wonderful, a great thing tonight," said Battalion Chief Mike Maloney.

The victim is in critical condition. A witness says he was wearing a helmet when he crashed.
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