Church vandalized with swastikas in South Bay, woman's car window smashed in

Byby Leslie Brinkley via KGO logo
Thursday, November 17, 2016
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FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- Hateful notes, verbal put downs and even a swastika in the South Bay all aimed at immigrants.

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Two days before the election, Swastikas were etched in glass at this Taiwanese community center. Police checked out surveillance video, but no arrests were made.

"After the election we thought this is more than just graffiti," said Pastor Ralph Sue of Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church. "This is something people want to express their feelings and their emotion and put that sign up there."

Church members say they've been told, 'go home, we don't want you here' when out in public. It's also happening at this Islamic school next door.

"Some of our ladies, because they wear the scarves, have had some negative comments against them," said Sami Hijaz of Saba Academy. "'Go back home.'"

When asked if the women are targeted at the grocery store Hijaz replied, "That is correct, when they go out to the mall or go out grocery shopping."

The hateful statements went a step further at the trail head to Mission Peak on Monday. A woman who went hiking wearing a bandanna returned to find her car window smashed and a profanity laced note on the windshield saying, "This is our country now. Get out."

She actually covers her head to protect her scalp due to a health condition. Her friend tweeted about the incident.

"It's shocking to see someone American born, grew up in this country, wearing a bandanna and being mistaken for a hijab," said Raj Salwan of Fremont City Council. "It's kind of ignorant, and 'get out of our country?' Who's country is this? This is all of our country. This is what makes America great."

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"I forgive you whoever did this," said Solonica Pancholy, the woman targeted. "But I don't condone it."