San Diego deputy uses Taser after being bit by 13-year-old boy

Monday, June 15, 2015

SAN DIEGO -- A video is raising a lot of questions about the use of force on a 13-year-old in San Diego County.

The cellphone video shows a deputy trying to handcuff the teenager. He orders the boy to put his hands behind his back. He then reaches for his Taser and the teen starts screaming. Investigators say the boy's mother had reported him missing. The deputy said when he tried to take the boy home the teen refused, gave him attitude and even bit him on the hand.

VIDEO: Deputy uses Taser on teen boy WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

Witnesses say regardless, the deputy went too far.

"He Tasered him while he was choking him," said a witness.

"It is not a chokehold, it is not a carotid restraint, it is simply keeping him. He's still moving and breathing. He does Taze him because he's trying to use less lethal (force) to bring the situation under control," said Jan Caldwell, San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff's office has launched an investigation. Officials say the teen will be charged with felony assault on an officer.