Viral video shows 2 Vallejo teachers bad mouthing students after virtual learning: 'These kids are technologically illiterate'

"I was heartbroken...angry...upset...confused. I couldn't believe I heard that come out of a teacher's mouth."
VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- Two Vallejo teachers were placed on administrative leave Friday after a viral video surfaced showing them bad mouthing their students after class.

The Vallejo Unified School District confirmed the two teachers recorded in the video work at Jesse Bethel High School.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon after a virtual English class.

Here's portions of the exchange:

Teacher 1: "It's so frustrating to know...these kids are technologically illiterate."

Teacher 2: "Older staff members will say these kids are so technologically advanced...and I'm like no they're f****** not... no they're not."

Teacher 1: "The things that impress them are so sad. Oh, you're impressed that a kid can record a Tik Tok... it's literally one button."

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The rant about their students goes on for nearly two minutes.

"I was heartbroken...angry...upset...confused," she said. "I couldn't believe I heard that come out of a teacher's mouth," said Chanel Bonner, who recorded the conversation.

Bonner said her son, Ri'Quan, a sophomore, tried to clarify a question about his assignment at the end of 3rd period English.

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"Ri'Quan's like...I can't turn it didn't turn it can't unsubmit it... you didn't submit it!" said one of the teachers talking about her son.

Bonner said it was clear the teachers didn't realize they forgot to logout.

"Other students were still logged in, other parents were still logged in...even commenting like 'do you know you're still being recorded?"

ABC7 reached out to the Vallejo Unified School District for an interview, but was sent the following statement:

"VCUSD takes all student and parent complaints very seriously. We will evaluate our policies and procedures for online instruction, and will address any specific complaints regarding the appropriate conduct of our faculty and staff. We regret that any students were offended by this incident, and we will work carefully to resolve this matter."

The district has not yet identified the teachers.
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