Teachers concerned about getting paid from closing school

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Friday, June 26, 2015
Teachers concerned about getting paid from closing school
Some teachers at Fame Public Charter School are worried they may not get their summer paycheck because the school is closing down.

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- The fallout continues as an East Bay charter school prepares to close down. Some teachers are now wondering if their final paychecks will bounce.

East Bay educator Phill Naranjo remains in disbelief. He told ABC7 News, "I'm totally devastated, this is putting a tremendous amount of stress on myself and my family."

Naranjo taught at the Fame Public Charter School for two years. But after having its charter revoked by the Alameda County Office of Education, administrators will close the doors to all three of its campuses in Fremont and San Leandro. Now without a job, Naranjo wonders if he'll be able to cash his final paycheck.

"We have bills to pay, mortgages and rents to pay, and this is going to put me into a financial bind," Naranjo said.

County officials told ABC7 News that funds previously allocated for the school should come from the state by the end of the month and that Fame should have the means to meet payroll for June, although paychecks would likely come a few days late.

"There's been some mismanagement on Fame's part, and we'll continue to investigate that. In the meantime, expedite what funding is coming in," Gail Greely, from the Alameda County Office of Education said.

But many teachers are still concerned, saying a portion of their checks were withheld throughout the year, to be paid out in the month of July as a summer payment. Now, former teachers like Phil Hassan, wonder if they'll ever see a dime of that money.

"I teach students, and I teach them that 'Do the right thing, and good things will happen to you,' and I hope that's the case here," Hassan said.

County officials says Fame has not complied with its multiple requests for financial information, as well as a list of its creditors. Fame has yet to return our calls for comment.