Bay Area LIFE: Mobile massage on demand with Zeel

A good massage is no longer just available through luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Zeel is leading the way for a mobile massage revolution. The company aims to provide customers with the healing touch of health and well-being, at your doorstep, at a moment's notice.

In the Bay Area we're very health and wellness focused, but we also don't want to sit in traffic and travel. Massage is no longer considered a luxury; it's really a necessity for overall wellness. It helps reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain. And just like with any healthy habit, the more massages you get, the greater and longer-lasting the benefits. Since 2012, Zeel has been bringing same-day in-home massages to customers.

Zeel also offers the only in-home massage membership. Members get charged for one 60-minute discounted massage a month, but can get as many as they want at a discounted rate, and those will be charged separately. Credits roll-over if unused, they never expire, and can be used to buy gift cards for others, and can also be share with others in the household. There's no initiation fee to join and customers can start saving commitment free with our 90-day trial.

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Viewers can use the code TRYZEEL for $25 off their first massage.
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