17-year-old graduates from University of Houston, plans to pursue master's degree in January

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Sunday, December 20, 2020
17-year-old graduates from University of Houston
She's now starting her masters program in January.

HOUSTON -- Salenah Cartier was 2-years-old when she started reading. At age three, she could do complex math.

Cartier was tested at age seven, and was an eighth grader academically. So, when she turned 14, she started college.

This weekend, Cartier earned her degree in psychology and business from the University of Houston.

"No one knew how old I was," Cartier said. "Actually, no one knew. So, I was able to blend in. I made quite a few friends. I believe my college experience was pretty normal actually."

Cartier credits her mother for her support and letting her follow her own academic journey, which now includes a master's program that starts in January.

She also plans to pursue a PhD.