Texas couple reunited with lost wedding ring after tornado

CANTON, Texas (KGO) -- A Texas couple desperate to find a lost wedding ring after a tornado destroyed their Canton, Texas home turned to social media.

The kindness of one stranger helped bring back the invaluable item.

It was a needle in a haystack, trying to find the wedding ring after it got blown away by the tornado, so the couple turned to Facebook for help.

"If it wasn't destroyed, it's not here," Justin Duke said. Justin and his wife Ariel lost it all when a tornado ripped through their home this spring -- well, almost all.

The couple had been married only three months and desperately wanted to find Ariel's wedding ring among the debris. "The only thing I wanted out of all of it," she said.

She had taken it off to do yard work. Then the twister hit.

The couple spent six days searching but to no avail, until they asked for help with a post on social media.

"I just wanted to come and try to find it," Nathan Wright said. That's when Wright stepped in with his metal detector. After four hours of searching, "I just hollered out. I'm sure anybody around me thought I was going crazy but I hollered out and thank the lord that I was able to find it," he said.

It gave the newlyweds plenty of hope in the face of adversity. "If we can survive the tornado and the rebuilding process, we got this," Justin said.

And get this - the couple's Facebook connection not only found the wedding ring. He also found Ariel's gold wedding band about 20 minutes later.
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