Disastrous date goes in circles for 'Bachelorette' Hannah and Luke P.

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Clip from the end of Hannah and Luke P.'s date
There is more to come next week on "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- We picked back up with Luke P. vs Luke S. Luke P. told the other Luke - in front of Hannah - that he now believes that he's here for the wrong reasons. Luke S. did his best to defend himself but then Hannah got up and walked out. That was a bit ridiculous because she asked them to talk to each other in front of her. I'm not sure what walking out of that conversation would accomplish, other than adding more drama. Chris Harrison then walked in and told all of the men that they would be going straight to the rose ceremony.

Before the rose ceremony could get underway, Luke S. asked Hannah to talk. He told Hannah to keep her eyes open during the process and be wary. Then he left and Chris Harrison took away one of the roses! Wow.

Hannah gave roses to:

1) Jed ( 1-on-1 date last week)

2) Garrett (Group date last week)

3) Tyler (1-on-1 date last week)

4) Peter

5) Connor

6) Dylan

7) Dustin

8) Mike

9) Kevin

10) Devin

11) Grant

12) Luke P.

That meant that John Paul Jones and Matteo were sent home. Next, the guys and Hannah headed overseas to Scotland.

1-on-1 Date

Hannah took Mike to explore Scotland. They went into a candy store, tasted some whiskey, and then some Guinness and haggis. Afterward, they went for a walk and kissed on a bridge.

During the evening part of the date, they talked about how much fun they had and Hannah said that she felt really comfortable with Mike. Hannah said that she's been living her life man to man and adapting herself to those relationships because she didn't love herself enough. But now, she feels that she is the person she is supposed to be. Mike said that it's hard for him to open up, and Hannah urged him to take risks. Mike had a hard time getting over his nerves. He summoned his courage and told Hannah that he's ready for a future and that he can see himself getting down on one knee if he is lucky enough to be that guy. Hannah gave him the date rose. She seems like she's into him.

Group Date

The group date card read, "Devin, Tyler, Jed, Dylan, Grant, Connor, Dustin, Peter, Kevin, and Garrett, Love is a battlefield." The guys met up with Hannah at the Highlands and they performed the Highland Games. They did some ax throwing, a yolk race and wrestling. Tyler, Peter, and Jed had the strongest performances with Jed getting the big win. The rest of the men hated to see her kissing Jed in front of them.

Later, Jed and Hannah were declared Lady Hannah and Lord Jed by a 1-square foot land deed. She climbed on top of him and they made out in the hallway. Kevin walked up the stairs and saw them. He still has yet to even kiss Hannah. He was a good sport about it though. Peter made out with Hannah on a pool table and it was terribly awkward, but she appreciated the intention. He managed to turn it into a pretty steamy moment. She had a genuinely good time with all of the men on the date, and she chose to turn the heat up with Tyler too. They had some make out time on a bed. In the end, she gave the group date rose to Jed.

1-on-1 Date

Luke P.'s date card read, "Let's figure things out one way or another." The guys told Luke to "keep their names out of his mouth" on his date and he agreed to. They took a walk through a field of flowers to the edge of a cliff on the ocean. It was a beautiful setting for a picnic and a serious talk. Luke defended himself and his character again, but then Luke said, "Everyone loves me." She found it to be boastful and annoying. She walked away and told the producers that she wanted to get past the way she felt about the situation, but that she wants to know his emotions and feelings. So, Hannah tried again. She's attracted to him but she needs more, she wants to know the real him.

That evening, Luke and Hannah continued their conversation. Luke seemed like he was starting to turn things around in their conversation when he brought up how the women thought of her on "The Bachelor." She said once she realized how she could have handled things better it brought the walls down and she was able to be herself. He told her that he will be himself. But, then Hannah got even more frustrated when he said that he liked everything about her. This date went in circles and she told Luke she couldn't give him the rose. But, we haven't seen the last of him, he's in the preview for next week.