'Bachelorette' Hannah picks her final 2 on night 1 of finale

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

NEW YORK -- Part one of our "Bachelorette" finale picked back up with our final three men, Jed, Peter, and Tyler. They were waiting to see who Hannah would pick to be in her final two. She struggled to get through the rose ceremony, saying she not only had to break someone's heart, but she had to break her own heart in the process. Jed got her first rose and Tyler got the second. Despite their time in the windmill, Peter was sent home. Peter was in a state of disbelief, but told Tyler, "Go get her man," as he hugged him goodbye. Hannah told Peter that everything about their relationship was perfect and he's a dream guy, and Peter added that she'll always have a piece of his heart. He told her that he doesn't regret anything. Peter cried as he hugged her goodbye, and gave her a kiss on the forehead as he climbed into the limo. Hannah sobbed as he left. Peter said he wasn't mad at her, but he didn't see the breakup coming at all.

Peter was then in the live studio with Chris Harrison and he was very emotional having just watched the footage of his and Hannah's breakup. He said there was no doubt he was in love with Hannah. His mom cried in the audience over his heartbreak and said this experience has been hard on all of them as a family.

Hannah came out on stage next and saw Peter for the first time since their breakup. He asked what it was that made her realize "it wasn't us." Hannah said there wasn't anything wrong, but she wished she had known Peter's feelings of love for her sooner. She added that she felt a sense of apprehension from him about letting himself love her. Peter asked why she called their relationship a "slow burn." Hannah said while they were very passionate, she didn't know verbally how he felt and she didn't go all-in emotionally right away, but it did progress and move forward. She said she had been afraid that she was letting go of a perfect guy during their breakup, and someone in the audience yelled, "You did!" Then Hannah revealed, in front of Peter's family, that they were intimate four times in the windmill! Oh my goodness, and she still didn't pick him?

Hannah's dad, mom, and brother met Tyler first. He went in with confidence and excitement. Her mom loved to see her glowing around Tyler. They seemed to have great energy together! Tyler was very sincere with Hannah's father and told him that he only talked to her in the fantasy suite. He added that he knows that he loves her and that he wants Hannah to be the mother of his children! Wow. Hannah's dad said that he thinks Tyler has great intentions towards his daughter. She even said to her mom that she could see Tyler as a part of their family and her getting engaged to him in the end. Before she and Tyler parted, she told him that she's falling in love with him.

Jed got his chance next to meet Hannah's family next. Her family said before Jed walked in, Tyler set a very high bar. Jed kind of made the conversation a lot about him and his music career at first, but then talked about his intentions being pure when it comes to Hannah. Her father said he was concerned that Jed wouldn't be able to provide for Hannah as a husband. So far, his only income has come from music he wrote for a dog food company. Hannah's dad did not seem wowed by this. Jed was off-put by the fact that Hannah's family was so focused on the financial aspect of their relationship. Her mother was concerned about Jed working and playing in bars a lot of late nights.

It was pretty clear that both Hannah's mom and dad wanted her to pick Tyler. They think that he would love her and provide for her the way they would and feel she deserves. Hannah's dad told her that he doesn't want to see her settle. She told her father that she can provide for her whole family on her own. Hannah was upset that her family couldn't see Jed's wonderful qualities.

Jed talked to Hannah about how she was feeling... and she admitted that things with Tyler went really well and now she's confused. She was apparently pretty sold on Jed before Tyler swooped in and impressed her parents. Jed sat and listened to Hannah, and he just reaffirmed that he believes in them and that he loves her. Jed said, "We know what we have."

Tyler had his final date with Hannah first. They met up in a field and Hannah took him horseback riding...again! She wanted to see if he could overcome their disastrous horse ride from a previous date. Tyler's horse started off acting wild, but then they did great on the trail! After they were done riding, Hannah told Tyler how much her family loved him. He's the sweetest! He said he just wants to be with her, no matter what they are doing.

Later that evening, Hannah went to Tyler's hotel room and he did his best to tell her everything he could see in the future for them. He told her that he would always put her and their children first in his life. They went upstairs for a wild romp and she said she could see herself being in his arms forever.

Jed got his chance for a final date. They went sailing, and it did not go well for Hannah. She felt incredibly sick. Her nerves were also getting to her. Jed was talking to her about how her father just doesn't understand his musical path and that he still really cares for Hannah even though he's not making money right now. Poor Hannah just had a miserable time on that boat!

In the evening, Jed told Hannah that he cannot picture his life without her. Hannah told him that she feels very loved by him. Hannah said that they are both passionate people and that if they are together, one of them will have to sacrifice at some point for the other. Jed told Hannah that with her, he could do anything.

Back on the live stage, Hannah said that the past few months have been really tough and emotional. She said that she doesn't know what's going to happen on the second night of the finale. We got a preview of what's to come, and it looks like a lot of crying and unfortunately and unhappy Hannah. Let's hope for the best and that night two ends on a high note!