'The Naughty Nine' star Winslow Fegley talks holiday traditions and fun

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Thursday, December 7, 2023
Winslow Fegley talks about playing Andy in The Naughty Nine
Jennifer Matarese interviews Winslow Fegley about starring in Disney+'s "The Naughty Nine."

NEW YORK -- Think "Ocean's 11" but with a crew of kids at Christmastime, that's "The Naughty Nine."

This family-friendly Disney Original Movie features Winslow Fegley as "Andy Steele," a mischievous fifth-grader who has found himself on the naughty list.

"Deep down I think that Andy does have a good heart but it does take a good amount of redirecting to get there," Winslow said.

He and his best friend "Dulce" played by Camila Rodriguez set out to assemble a crew of other naughty list kids to go get their presents at the North Pole in the ultimate heist.

Each of the nine has their own special talent and Winslow says this group wouldn't have been able to even come close to pulling off their plan if they didn't work together.

"Everyone across the movie brings across their own unique skill set and their own unique mind," he said.

Also in the cast is the legendary Danny Glover as "Santa."

"He brought a sense of intimidating-ness because they needed someone to bring home that message for the kids," Winslow said. "I think that Danny Glover did just a great job with that."

Winslow says that he loves the message this movie gives to kids.

"You know, you might make some mistakes sometimes and that's obviously shown through the film, but the lesson is really in just correcting those mistakes and doing the right thing when you can," he said.

As for his holiday plans, Winslow says he plans to spend time with his family and is looking forward to one of his favorite traditions.

"Every Christmas when we wake up and we go downstairs there's always on each branch of the tree there are chocolate covered pretzels it's kind of a unique thing, Santa always leaves us with a lot of different flavors of the chocolate covered pretzels," he said. "It's something that always reminds me of happy memories when I see those pretzels on Christmas morning."

"The Naughty Nine" is streaming now on Disney+.