Long Island moms provide a safe space for mothers to receive unconditional support

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Monday, April 26, 2021
Long Island safe space for moms to connect, support each other
Too often moms find themselves alone on their journey towards parenthood. The Nesting Place is changing this by offering a holistic approach to support services under one roof.The Nesting Place offers counseling and holistic wellness services for moms throughout their journey towards motherhood.

FARMINGDALE, New York -- Making connections and receiving support has become an issue since the coronavirus pandemic began, especially for new mothers.

However, The Nesting Place provides a safe space for moms to build a solid foundation and connection with other new moms before they begin their journey towards motherhood.

After the birth of their children, Laura Siddons and Jacqueline Aiello shared the same goal of creating a physical space on Long Island where moms of all kinds could gather to find trusted resources.

The two women wanted to open the business after noticing a lack of resources for new mothers on Long Island.

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"We look to provide a sense of community along with the opportunity to connect with providers," said Siddons. "We've been so lucky to have soo many amazingly skilled and experienced practitioners come on board with us."

Their services include counseling services, women's health physical therapy, prenatal/postnatal, childbirth classes, support groups, wellness workshops, and more.

"It's really nice to hear other people experiencing and having some of the same emotions, especially when your sleep-deprived," said Lauren Diamond. "It's nice to hear other people going through kind of the same thing you're experiencing. You know you feel a nice support system."

The Nesting Place isn't only for new mothers or families who are currently expecting, but also for families who are contemplating having children.

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"It is amazing just to have the support and knowing people are going through things that are similar to you," said Jennifer Hasemann. "Maybe you don't have the ability to talk to someone at home about it, but at least you can bring it to a space like this that is safe."

The Nesting Place hope's to ensure families that they are not alone when it comes to finding resources and getting the help they need for their path towards parenthood.


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