Police search for suspect in at least 20 Concord tire slashings

Byby Sergio Quintana KGO logo
Monday, April 3, 2017
Police search for suspect in at least 20 Concord tire slashings
A vandal has caused thousands of dollars in damage for several residents in a concord neighborhood this past weekend. Police believe there are more than 20 victims of tire slashings and are working to track down a suspect.

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- A vandal has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage for several residents of one Concord neighborhood this past weekend.

Surveillance video may help track down whoever is responsible for slashing tires on more than 20 cars.

Tire after tire was slashed in a Concord neighborhood Saturday night. For many residents, the first order of business was repairing the damage.

"They got two tires, both tires on the driver's side, so unfortunately, we couldn't even put the spare on," said victim Dawn Lopez. "We had to call a flatbed tow truck."

Lopez says this hit will cost more than $300 because of the tow charge and replacement tires. We talked to her and her husband as they were headed to the local electronics store to get security cameras for their home.

One of the Lopez' neighbors shared video with ABC7 of who they believe is the tire-slashing suspect. He wears a hoodie and ducks behind a vehicle.

Concord police say there are at least 20 victims. It was a busy day at the local tire shop.

When asked about how many people had come in so far shop owner Erik Reiman said, "Well, for the tire stabbings, we've seen about seven customers now."

One of the victim's tires was sitting outside Reiman's shop. It's a custom tire that will have to be specially ordered. It's from Jason Loomis' brand new pickup truck. "I hope they catch him," he said. "You know, it would be great to put a face to this guy and see what's going on. I'm sure he was just some young kid."

Police are asking all victims of the tire slasher to file a police report.

They also hope any neighbors with more security camera video of the suspect will contact them so detectives can get a better description.