Tony Bennett helps 7 On Your Side surprise Belmont couple for 43rd wedding anniversary

ByMichael Finney and Randall Yip KGO logo
Thursday, July 16, 2020
Tony Bennett surprises couple for 43rd wedding anniversary
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"Hi, Mary and Walter. Happy anniversary." When a couple's long-anticipated date to see Tony Bennett in concert had to be canceled due to the coronavirus, 7 On Your Side stepped in to surprise them.

BELMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- The pandemic has turned many of our plans upside-down.

A Belmont couple had plans to celebrate a special anniversary at Davies Symphony Hall for a performance by Tony Bennett. What they got instead may be just as good.

Walter and Mary Wong went on their first date on Valentine's Day, 1977.

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Two weeks later, they were engaged.

"We've been together almost every single day since 1977," said Walter.

43 years later, they're still married and Mary has received a few upgrades on her wedding ring.

"But it's time for another upgrade, right?" Mary said as she turned to her husband.

When the couple heard "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" together for the first time, little did the Boston transplants know that San Francisco would one day become their home.

I caught up with the Wongs on Zoom.

"So Mary, you like Tony Bennett, huh?" I asked

"Yeah, we love Tony Bennett," she responded.

The couple decided to celebrate their 43rd anniversary by getting some of the best seats to his concert at Davies Symphony Hall.

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Unfortunately, the coronavirus got in the way, but not before Walter and Mary spent $400 per seat for the tickets.

Walter says he didn't realize he had bought tickets on the secondary market until it was too late.

"There are some similar seats that were like $150 a ticket. I said, boy I think I got taken to the cleaners here," he said.

Walter wanted a full refund on his tickets due to the cancellation.

Ticket Center said it could only give them credit.

"I said we don't go to concerts. You know I'm 70 years old. It's not like we go out rocking and rolling all the time," said Walter.

They called 7 On Your Side and we joined Tony Bennett in surprising the Wongs.

"I got something for you," I said to Walter and Mary. "If you go to your front door right now, I have got a personally signed by Tony Bennett art piece that's waiting for you at your front door."

Our producer and videographer were waiting outside with both the gift and a camera to capture the whole thing.

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"Oh, oh, there's a camera," Walter said excitedly.

"Where?" asked Mary.

"Right there."

The couple opened a signed print of a Tony Bennett original painting of the Golden Gate Bridge.

"Oh wow!" Mary exclaimed.

"Thank you, 7 On Your Side," added Walter.

But there's more.

"Wait just a second," I said. "I'm going to show you something here."

I played a video greeting from Tony Bennett, himself.

"Hi, Mary and Walter. Happy anniversary. Hope to see you in San Francisco."

Mary and Walter squealed in excitement.

"The fact that Tony Bennett took the time to do that is overwhelming," said Walter. "It's really unbelievable."

We'd like to thank Tony and his team for their overwhelming support in making this surprise happen. By the way, as if that's not enough, Ticket Center refunded the entire ticket amount to the Wongs.

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