Experience the extraordinary with Transcendence Theatre Company in Sonoma County

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Ready to have the best night ever?
When the sun sets, the Transcendence Theatre Company show begins.

SONOMA, Calif. (KGO) -- When the sun sets, the stars come out--literally! This star-soaked outdoor space hosts Broadway talent and performers from around the globe.

"We brought people from Peru, we brought people from Columbia, we were able to bring people from different parts of the United States," said Luis Salgado, Director/Choreographer of Let's Dance.

"They sing and dance amidst the vineyards and the stars and it's the most incredible evening," said Amy Miller, Artistic Director/Founder of Transcendence Theatre Company.

For 10 years and counting, Transcendence Theatre Company has been California Wine Country's premiere live entertainment experience. It's known to be a venue that hosts the "best night ever."

Visitors can enjoy a picnic dinner with wine surrounded by the lush scenery of Jack London State Historic Park. Soon after, they're whisked into a fully-staged evening of song and dance, set within the majestic ruins of a former winery, all against a moon-lit, star-dotted night sky.

"All of these people sitting at picnic tables, around hay bales, food trucks everywhere, beautiful rock and roll music playing," detailed Miller. "The performance, it's just an electrifying experience. The element of nature really heightens everything. There are shooting stars sometimes, there are birds flying over."

Miller added, "There's nowhere else on the planet, I can really truly say this, where that experience can come to fruition like it does here."

Transcendence's 2022 season marks the 11th season for the company and the first full, in-person season since 2019.

"Our 2022 season is just showstoppers. Our show from July 29-August 14 is 'Hooray for Hollywood.' Audiences can expect to go on a journey through the movies. We conclude the season Sept 9-18 with 'The Gala,' which is our big Broadway celebration," said Miller.

For more information about Transcendence Theatre Company, visit here.