Passenger claims United Airlines flight attendants told her to 'pee in a cup' during flight

HOUSTON -- Another day, another claim of passengers being treated poorly by airline employees.

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This time, a passenger says she was told to pee in a cup during a recent United Airlines flight from Houston to Kansas City.

Nicole Harper was on a flight home when she had to use the bathroom. She said she's had an overactive bladder her entire life and told flight attendants about her condition. But when the mother of two tried to use the bathroom while the "fasten seat belt" light was on, she was told no.

Instead, Harper said she was given a cup.

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"They handed me the cup which was about this big," Harper told a reporter, holding her fingers a couple inches apart.

"So, I said 'I'm going to need a second cup.' It's a completely humiliating situation. There's people all around. Strangers. They just didn't understand that I really did not have any control over this situation. They need to focus a little bit more on their paying customers and have more customer service."

United Airlines said it is in contact with Nicole and is investigating the situation.

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